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Please check our Frequently Asked Questions below for help. If you don't find the answer to your question, give our friendly Customer Service Department a call at:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I like what has to offer. How do I sign up for any of your services?

A. You can either contact us via email at or call our Customer Service Department at 603-357-2565.

Q. I've signed up for Internet Access, but my email program hasn't gotten the message. It still tries to connect to my old internet provider. What should I do?

A. This is a problem with your Internet Options and very likely with Outlook Express. First, go to your Control Panel and open Internet Options. Under the Connection tab, make sure is your default connection. Then in Outlook Express, go to Tools > Accounts. Highlight your email account and click Properties. Click the Connection tab and make sure this email account is dialing up Even if you are checking an old email account, you still need to make sure it is dialing Your outgoing mail server should be set to

Q. Sometimes I get disconnected from What's going on?

A. Recently upgraded its RADIUS (Remote Access Dial-In User System) and access servers. We now have the finest state-of-the-art equipment and latest x2 code to provide you with quick and efficient access to the Internet. Some older modems that are not compatible with this technology may experience connection problems. These older modems are usually Rockwell-based K56flex modems, although the problem can occur with Lucent-based K56flex modems as well.

If you are experiencing disconnects, or slow modem speeds, it may be that you need to upgrade your modem's firmware. You can find out more about this at, or These sites may also benefit you even if you are using an x2 modem but are not getting high speeds.

If you still need help, contact our Customer Service Department at 603-357-2565.

Q. How do I check my email from a remote location?

A. If your remote location has internet access, all you have to do is go to our Home Page, and click either the 'Check Your Email' or 'Check your Email' link at the left of the page.

If your remote location does not have internet access, and you need to check your email, speak to our Customer Service Department about signing up for our Nationwide Internet Access.

Q. Does support Multilink and multiple logins?

A. Yes. We can set you up with an additional login account for $10 per month. Contact our Customer Service Department at 603-357-2565.

Q. If my modem shows I'm connected at 115,200 bits per second, why are my downloads slower?

A. Modem drivers are often not able to report connection speeds correctly, so they show the highest speed they know. This is the speed you set it to connect at. 115,200 bits per second is an impossible speed for a dial-up connection. You are possibly experiencing a connection of between 45K and 50K.

So, even if you're connected at 50 kbps, why are the downloads slow, say 1.7 kBps? Note that the B in 1.7 kBps is capitalized. This means it is measuring kilobytes, and a byte is equal to eight bits, so you are actually downloading at 13,600 kilobits per second. Still not acceptable, though, on an ongoing basis.

If you are doing other things while downloading, such as getting email or browsing web pages, this can slow the download speed. Other factors can come into play, such as the speed of the server from which you are downloading and the number of other people accessing that server.

The speed of your ISP can also affect your download speed. is connected to the Internet through a T3 (45 Mbps), so this is probably not slowing you down.